is our project dedicated to discovering and popularizing lesser-known compositions for the flute and guitar. By bringing attention to these beautiful pieces, we aim to enrich the repertoire and make them more accessible to musicians.

The first edition we published is “Ferdinando Carulli: 6 Serenate Op. 109, for Flute and Guitar”. This is a unique edition of the entire 6 Serenate collection by the italian composer Ferdinando Carulli. It’s published with Da Vinci Publishing and you can find and buy it here.
Our concert experience in playing duos, trios and chamber works with flute and guitar give us a great knowledge on how to edit, put the right page turning and give the right pagination to our score and parts.
We play in concert before we publish. Before we publish our edition we play with them in concerts several times in order to avoid any live performance score related issues.
All of our edited scores are available in PDF format.
If you want a special edition of your favourite pieces you can contact me.